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lundi 14 février 2005

Global Consciousness à la Minority Report

If you were the kind of kid that reads science-fiction novels and tries to imagine possible synergies between the human brain and computers, well, this article is for you. If you are more on the other end of the Sci-fi Geek Scale, the same article might bring you some fresh food for the brain.

Pour les francophones fainéants, voici un résumé en français du projet dont je parle ici.

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samedi 12 février 2005

New dynamic blogroll

Dear readers,

today I finally took the time to setup a new blogroll. The one that was in place was not dynamic and was therefore almost never updated.

This time, I decided to use the Blogroll feature from Bloglines. I have been using Bloglines as my RSS Aggregator for quite a while, so this is the place where I manage the blogs that I actually read.

The only work I really had to do was to start some sort of categories, as my current blogroll is quite large (112 RSS feeds...). I left quite a lot of unsorted blogs. It's not that easy to specify a category for a given blog. I don't even know where mine would go !

Written from the cold and quiet family house in Auvergne with a 56K modem connection...